Going Above and Beyond: A Personal Story of Hurlburt CrashPads

As the sun dipped below the horizon, casting a golden glow over the waters of Niceville, Florida, we couldn’t help but reflect on the incredible journey of Hurlburt CrashPads. Our commitment to providing exceptional service and personalized care for our military guests has been the driving force behind every decision we make. We want to share the heartwarming story of two pilots, one undergoing Aircraft Commander certification training for the U-28 and the other training as an F-35 pilot at Eglin AFB, whose experiences exemplify our dedication to going above and beyond.

**A Journey Begins: The U-28 Pilot’s Story**

As a U-28 pilot embarking on Aircraft Commander certification training, time and focus were of the essence. The intensive six-week program demanded unwavering dedication, leaving little room for distractions. Recognizing the importance of creating a stress-free environment, we decided to surprise him with a thoughtful gift included in his stay – a $significant gift card to HomeChef, a complete daily meal preparation and delivery service. This gift card would allow him to delegate his meal planning and everyday essentials, saving him valuable time and energy. Our commitment to offering amenities and perks in every reservation is what sets us apart from the competition, and this pilot’s journey was about to become a lot smoother.

**The F-35 Pilot’s Unforgettable Experience**

Likewise, an F-35 pilot undergoing training at Eglin AFB found himself in a similar situation. The demands of training were high, and he needed a place that would provide comfort, convenience, and support. At Eglin CrashPads, we took immense pride in offering an outstanding lodging experience for him that included a monthly membership to the premier Rocky Bayou Golf Club, so he could unwind on the green and escape the pressures of training. Additionally, we provided him a monthly gift card to Publix grocery store which was included in his stay.

**Going the Extra Mile: A Surprising Gesture**

The F-35 pilot went the extra mile and provided a “non-availability slip,” indicating that government lodging was not available. Though not required, we saw this as an opportunity to show our appreciation for his service and dedication. At Eglin CrashPads, we take pride in our exceptional service, and we decided to surprise him with a complimentary new iPhone 14. Our gesture aimed to make his stay even more special and to ensure he had the best tools at his disposal during his training.

**The Power of Exceptional Service**

The experiences of these two pilots illustrate the heart of Hurlburt CrashPads and Eglin CrashPads – exceptional service and care for our guests. From the moment they arrive, we strive to go above and beyond to make their stay extraordinary. Every detail, every amenity, and every gesture are thoughtfully curated to provide comfort, convenience, and support throughout their TDY journey.

**Your Home Away from Home**

No request is too big or small for us at Hurlburt CrashPads and Eglin CrashPads. Our teams are dedicated to taking care of our guests – whether it’s a U-28 pilot pursuing certification or an F-35 pilot in training. We provide exceptional Hurlburt Field lodging and Eglin AFB lodging experiences, creating a home away from home for our military members.

**A Grateful Farewell**

As the U-28 pilot and F-35 pilot completed their training and prepared to move on to their next chapters, the impact of their experiences at Hurlburt CrashPads and Eglin CrashPads remained with them. They left with cherished memories of a stay filled with comfort, support, and a sense of being cared for. Both have provided great recommendations of the services to other pilots. We continually host pilots and others arriving at Hurlburt Field and Eglin AFB for long term training.

**Join the Journey**

If you’re a military pilot seeking exceptional lodging during your training or TDY, we invite you to be a part of our journey. Book your stay with Hurlburt CrashPads or Eglin CrashPads today and experience firsthand the dedication, care, and personalized service that sets us apart. Whether it’s a significant gift card to HomeChef or a complimentary iPhone 14, we are committed to making your stay extraordinary.

As the sun rises and sets on the beautiful landscapes of Niceville and Eglin AFB, we are here to welcome you with open arms and to be a part of your remarkable journey.


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