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Frequently Asked Questions

The Hurlburt Crashpads website, and it’s parent website, Fox 3 CrashPads, is owned and operated by Fox 3 Lodging LLC, a veteran owned small business. We has been in business since 2021 and have a PERFECT, 100% track record, of our military guest and contractors being reimbursed for ALL lodging charges claimed through DTS or RTS (for Reserve members).  Our goal is simple: to place you off-base, in a beautiful property while including customizable Perks and Amenities you won’t find anywhere else.  We accomplish this through clear communication, transparent agreements, and ensuring your stay is 100% reimbursed in DTS. We follow the guidelines set forth in the JTR (Joint Travel Regulation) and local base lodging, line by line.

At Fox 3 Lodging all agreements, signatures, and payments, are handled electronically through our secure online portal with our partners at TenantCloud.  Because your reservation is managed on “the cloud,” you always have instant access to agreements, lodging charges, and messages through our website or APP.  At the end of each month, you will receive an itemize receipt detailing your lodging charges that meets all JTR requirements for reimbursement.

We are the premier standard throughout the area!  We offer luxurious TDY off-base lodging and the freedom to customize PERKS included in your reservation.  Compared to on-base lodging, our properties are in quiet, beautiful neighbourhoods with quick and easy access to the stuff you care about: nature, great restaurants, and vibrant nightlife.  We are also PET and FAMILY friendly, so it’s easy to make the best experience out of your time spent away from home.

Absolutely! The Joint Travel Regulation (JTR) allows a service member to stay off base WITHOUT a Non-A slip. Specfically, the Joint Travel Regulation (JTR) governs all of the rules while TDY in the military.  As cited in the JTR, page 2-27 (table 2-14) and page 2-28 (table 2-14): “If adequate government quarters are available on the U.S. installation to which a Service member is assigned TDY, but the Service member chooses to use other lodging, then the Service member is limited to the reimbursement cost of Government quarters on the assigned TDY installation.” We simply charge the same or less than the on-base government lodging at your TDY location.  It’s that easy.

Lastly, we understand military TDY orders change for a variety of reasons. We will ALWAYS honor changes in dates to your TDY as well as honor leave that you take while TDY (holidays or planned/emergency leave for example).  We will not charge you for nights that the military would not have reimbursed you!

Yes, if you are PCS’ing to the area, you can definitely use your TLE entitlements!  As you probably know, for a PCS, you are entitled to 14 days (recently increased from 10 to 14 days) of Temporary Lodging Expenses (TLE) reimbursement by the Air Force.  Unfortunately, finding a house and actually moving in, takes closer to 60 days.  Add on the fact that finding furnished lodging is very EXPENSIVE and limited in the area, PCS’ing is a major challenge!

Let us take care of the short-to-medium term lodging headache for you!  Our Fox 3 Concierge Service finds you a furnished house in the area of your choosing, that will cost you LESS than your Basic Housing Allowance (BAH) per month for two months.  Need housing for only a month? Your out of pocket expense is usually less than ½ your monthly BAH stipend.  This is an amazing benefit that is exclusively offered by Fox 3 CrashPads to PCS’ing military members you won’t find anywhere else.  We understand the importance and value for you and your family staying off base.  Since we guarantee your TLE will be reimbursed by the Air Force on your PCS travel voucher, your out of pocket costs is simply: Rent – TLE reimbursement.

At Fox 3 Crashpads we are motivated to serve you and offer amazing PERKS!  Based on the time of year and the length of your stay, guests typically request one or more of the following services: bi-weekly maid service, Hello Fresh or Home Chef meal preparation, grocery purchase and delivery, spa and golf packages to the local resort, EV car charging, paddle boards and so much more.  However, the sky and your imagination really are the limit!  Have other interests related to your stay?  Just ask and we will do our best to include that service in your stay with us, free of charge.

If on TDY orders, the cost is free to you with ZERO out-of-pocket expenses! We charge a nightly rate that is the SAME or LESS than the on-base lodging rate.  We provide an itemize receipt at the end of each month that meets all requirements set forth by the Joint Travel Regulation (JTR) for guaranteed reimbursement.

If on PCS orders, we understand that finding a home to move into can take up to 60 days.  We have an amazing program that minimizes your out of pocket expense by using your 14 days of Temporary Lodging Expense (TLE) that is paid for by the Air Force during your PCS move!

Yes, we have properties at EVERY military base throughout the United States!  We are quickly expanding our portfolio of luxury properties across the country., specifically catered towards our military guests. You can check out our growing list of properties here. Lastly, if you don’t see a property in your upcoming TDY location or meeting your specific lodging requirements, consider using our personalized Fox 3 Concierge Service.  It is our complimentary 1-on-1 service, that puts you in control.  Based on your request for location, property size, and amenities, we will connect you with a team member will send you a list of available one-of-a-kind properties for your to choose from.  Sit back and relax and let us do the work through our network of vetted Hosts and properties across the country!  Please contact us at for more information.

Without a doubt your Spouse, pets, and family can join you at one of our properties during your TDY! Our reservations include the entire property for you and your family to enjoy.  While the typical crashpad offers a bedroom with a cramped shared living space, Fox 3 CrashPads is DIFFERENT.  Our handpicked portfolio of properties capitalize the personal space, you and your family, deserve.  Are properties are NOT shared, you always have the entire space to yourself!  Additionally, we have children’s beds and cribs available for free.  Please contact us with specifics and we will go out of our way to make it happen!

No, there is not a minimum TDY length required to stay with Fox 3 CrashPads. We accommodate all length of military orders and are flexible to meet your needs.

Yes, all we offer are stand-alone properties with NO roommates or shared spaces!  All of our properties are private and rented only to you! We have ZERO shared spaces. This ensures you have the best possible stay during your TDY.

At Fox 3 CrashPads, we redefine the term “crashpads” to offer private, luxurious properties without shared spaces, providing both comfort and privacy. While traditionally “crashpads” refer to shared spaces, we are uping the service of taking care of service members while TDY.  Be part of the Fox 3 CrashPads family and enjoy your TDY experience with our amazing properties.

Yes, at Fox 3 CrashPads we offer a 100% money back guarantee that all of your TDY lodging will be reimbursed! This gives you confidence and trust knowing that no matter what happens during your TDY, the last thing you need to worry about is how you will be reimbursed.  If your local finance office or RA (resource advisor) will not reimburse an amount that we charge, we will reimburse you on our behalf.  Most of our Fox 3 CrashPads team members are former military Resource Advisors themselves, who have years of extensive JTR and DTS training.  We are committed to ensure you have NO out of pocket expenses!

No, at Fox 3 CrashPads you will never have any out-of-pocket expenses! Cleaning costs, pet fees, application fees, renters insurance… expenses can add up quickly.  We guarantee you will pay none of these and have ZERO out of pocket expenses and ZERO non-reimbursed DTS expenses. We know the JTR (Joint Travel Regulation) inside and out and love to educate service members on how to be reimbursed for their military lodging expenses through DTS.

If your orders are cancelled, we will refund your security deposit in full.

We understand that military orders can change. We will adjust your rental dates accordingly and ensure you are not charged for nights you do not need. We follow the Servicemember Civil Relief Act (SCRA) which ensures you are protected when renting a Fox 3 CrashPads property. Additionally, we go above and beyond by offering a money back guarantee.

If your TDY runs long or is extended, we will accommodate your extended stay and adjust your booking to cover the additional time required.

Yes, we accept the GTC for your convenience and highly recommend it.

Absolutely, we provide itemized receipts that comply with all JTR and DTS requirements. We will not annotate an expense that can’t be reimbursed during your TDY. We have the JTR knowledge and expertise so you can focus on what matters the most… your TDY!

We stay updated with the latest TDY allowable nightly lodging rate and TDY per diem rates for all military bases to ensure you never left with any out of pocket expenses. We update our rates automatically with changes in Fiscal Years and non-availability slips.


Yes, we offer cash referrals for any recommendations of our services! Contact us for more details on our referral program. We appreciate you taking care of us at Fox 3 CrashPads and we want to do the same for YOU!

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